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We are SiBAN, acronym for Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria.

SiBAN is a self-regulatory body. It is founded by stakeholders in Nigeria’s blockchain and cryptocurrency community for the purpose of supporting players in the space; educating users and members of the public about the blockchain technology; promoting adoption by both private and public bodies; ensuring consumer protection and safeguards against scams; and working with regulators to help maximize the untapped potentials of the blockchain.

To put it simply, SiBAN is Nigeria’s Blockchain association.

We are committed to not only securing the blockchain and cryptocurrency space but also securing the the future through the power of the blockchain today. Think about it. Blockchain is one of the biggest opportunities for Africa in the 4th Industrial Age. Nigeria is Africa’s biggest country and one of the biggest players in the globe.

Together, let's write our own stories. Let’s put the future of our people in their own hands in a decentralized world. Let’s protect our space and empower Nigeria.

SiBAN .… Nigeria’s Blockchain association

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SiBAN_Nigeria's Blockchain Association. Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria