The Executive Council (2021–2022)

Effective from December 2020, SiBAN is led by an Executive Council. The Executive Council comprises 7 elected officers and 3 appointed members. The names, offices, and affiliations (with profile links) of these elected officers and appointed members as follows:

  • President: Senator Ihenyen, Lead Partner Infusion Lawyers
  • Executive Secretary: Obinna Iwuno,  Founder Crypto Boothcamp 
  • Vice President (Blockchain Education & Adoption):  David Effiong, Founder Blockchain Education Invasion & National Community Director, Bitfxt
  • Vice President (Media & Publicity): Emeka Ezike, Marketing Associate, Paxful
  • Vice President (Memberships): Kaka Toritseju, Ambassador EOS Nation
  • Vice Prtesident (Policy & Regulations): John ArinzeVaultbridge 
  • Vice President (Projects, Funding & Strategic Partnerships): Franklin Peters, Founder Bitfxt
  • Financial Secretary: Mosun Omotunde, HR Consultant, Moex Consult
  • Treasurer: Daisy Erharhire, Co-Founder, Light Blocks
  • Assistant Executive Secretary: Anita Durumerou

Advisory Board

  • Chris Ani, Founder Digital Abundance & DABA (as Founding Chairman 2018)
  • Babalola Emmanuel, Director Binance Nigeria (as General Secretary 2018–2019)
  • Paul Ezeafulukwe, Founder BLOKgrup (as SiBAN Chairman 2019–2020)

About our Leadership: If you have any observation or question in respect of any officer or member of the SiBAN  Executive Council or Advisory Board listed above or you wish to share any information with us about our leadership, please email info@siban.org.ng. As soon as we receive and review your email, we will respond accordingly. Thank you.

Together, let’s build a blockchain industry where everyone can engage safely, fairly, and happily.