Bitcoin pizza day

The advent of Bitcoin has paved the way for seamless cross-border payments. The demand for a third party intervention in financial transactions has become almost redundant as the crypto space poses an ecosystem of financial liberty. However, while we bask in the advantages of this unconventional financial innovation, we often disregard the origin of crypto transactions.

It all began when Laszlo Hanyecz bought two boxes of pizza on May 22, 2010, using 10,000 BTC. This was the first time anyone was reported to have exchanged Bitcoin for physical goods and we can trace the origin of crypto transactions and the famous “Bitcoin Pizza Day” to Laszlo’s purchase.

This first Bitcoin payment made over a decade ago has accelerated the blockchain industry leading to the establishment of several decentralised exchanges across the globe.

The event, Bitcoin Pizza Day is appropriately named. The event is notable in the crypto space as it commemorates early crypto adoption.

As a community, the Crypto Bootcamp, in collaboration with Crypto Ladies League and other partners is hosting an event in this regard, in 20 cities across Nigeria, Kenya and other countries in Africa, to commemorate the first payment made with Bitcoin, and how it spearheaded several innovations from which altcoins and digital payments solutions stemmed.


Bitcoin Pizza Day Hangout was initiated in 2021 by Obinna Iwuno, Founder of Crypto Bootcamp Community and the Executive Secretary of SiBAN, to commemorate the first Crypto Adoption event on record in history, which was the first time Bitcoin was used in exchange for physical goods.

This event in his opinion should be held every year, to advocate for crypto adoption within and beyond the borders of Africa. The event will connect Blockchain and Crypto Communities, brands and users while unveiling and promoting innovations and tech development in various ecosystems.

Aim Of The Event

The Continent-wide Bitcoin Pizza Day Event seeks to highlight the significance of the first BTC transaction, how far it has brought the industry, and what the future holds for this financial innovation.

The primary aim of this event is to further create crypto awareness and drive mainstream adoption, while educating Enthusiasts on the prospects of the sector, by unveiling to them the innovations from various projects, and the developments in different sectors…

The event will take place in several cities across Africa. Hence, we are primed to reach a wider audience.

Target Audience

As a community, we are committed to promoting blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to all strata of society.

Through this event, we are bridging the gap between crypto enthusiasts, industry leaders, investors, innovative Blockchain and Crypto companies, and their products and services, as we seek to usher in more individuals to the budding space.

Specifically targeting: 

  • Young adults and the working class between the ages of 20 – 35

  • Tech and Crypto Enthusiasts

  • Students of Tertiary Institutions

  • Players in the ICT Industry

  • Fintech Experts

  • Investors and the finance sector

We aim to bring together over 5000 participants and guests from cities such as Lagos, Nairobi, Accra, Kampala, Port Harcourt, Abuja, and Capetown for this event.

Highlights Of The Event

  • Crypto Symposiums by industry KOL

  • Panel Discussions

  • Meet & Greet with Top Industry Players

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Giveaways

  • Comprehensive Insight on Crypto for Enthusiasts

  • Brand projects exhibition

  • Pizza

  • Entertainment

  • Refreshments


  • Crypto Bootcamp Community

  •  Crypto Ladies League


  • SiBAN

  • Bundle

  • Kenya Blockchain Ladies DAO

  • iHub

  • Halima Adventures

  • CoinZone

  • ABC

  • CryptoTVPlus

  • Blockbuild

  • TradeFada

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