Crypto Ladies League is hosting her First Public Event/ “Blockchain Week” to Commemorate the International Womens’ Day

Crypto Ladies

Blockchain is a technological innovation that is the entire buzz in recent times. The novel technology is poised to redefine several industrial sectors and we are excited to be a part of this revolutionary technology.

The Crypto Ladies League, a network of women in the blockchain industry seeking to create an ecosystem that connects women within and beyond the borders of Africa in the tech space, is hosting its first public event to commemorate International Women’s Day.

The 3-day event, themed “Women in the Emerging Blockchain Industry,” is dedicated towards creating blockchain awareness, promoting digital education, and advocating the participation and presence of even more women in the crypto ecosystem.

Hosted by: 

Success Ihumeziem (Suçhie) – HBA, Yellow Card, 

Prudence Chioma – Media Manager, Crypto Bootcamp Community

Ukaegbu Illumina – OAP, Viewers’ TV Abuja

Faith Aimoi – Communication Strategist, BitcoinKE 

And others 


This is a virtual event to begin on Tuesday, 8th March 2022 till 10th March, 5 pm GMT+1 Daily. 

The event will feature women leaders in the industry, educational discussions, and panel sessions to:

  • Create awareness of the emerging blockchain and Crypto industry
  • Educate on the knowledge and skills needed to partake fully in the emerging industry
  • Enable more women to become an active part of the ecosystem, in different fields and career paths
  • Create avenues that give access to the opportunities and benefits of the ecosystem
  • Motivate more women to take better participation in the emerging industry as innovators and leaders

Some speakers gracing the event are: 

  • Olga Yorashevsky – Head of Content Strategy, NexChange Group.
  • Teresa Chan – Women-in-Tech Advocate
  • Roselyn Wanjiru- Lead On-Chain Analyst.
  • Yvonne Kagondu- Blockchain Business Consultant at
  • Yaliwe Soko – Chairwoman, United Africa Blockchain Association.
  • Faith Aimoi – Communications Strategist, BitcoinKE.
  • Timileyin Soyemi – Comms/PR Manager, Bundle.
  • Odinakachukwu Igwe – Trader and Customer Support.
  • Chidubem Emelumadu – PR & Comms, Binance.

And Others.

About us 

Crypto Ladies League represents an association of women in the blockchain industry seeking to create an ecosystem that connects women within and beyond the borders of Africa in the tech space, promote the awareness of crypto, and also foster mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and its numerous use cases. 

Women from all around the world can interact and build a sustainable network that explores the potentials of blockchain and decentralized finance.

The League was established in March 2021, by Obinna Iwuno, founder of Africa’s leading blockchain community– Crypto Bootcamp, Executive Secretary of the Stakeholders Association of Nigeria [SiBAN] and an expert with dexterity in the crypto & blockchain field who is oriented towards facilitating digital education that appeals to all strata of society.


  • Crypto TV
  • Blockbuild
  • Convexity
  • SiBAN
  • Utafiti
  • Bundle

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