Ever imagined a program that does not only focus on blockchain solutions and their builders, CEOs, and ambassadors but also brings the blockchain users into focus?

Enter Blockchain Empowered, a new and refreshing initiative that projects blockchain technology as a powerful tool for the empowerment of the people, by the people, and for the people through real-world applications of the technology. Away from the hype, Blockchain Empowered focuses on what is ripe!

Blockchain Empowered will focus on the real power of the blockchain and how it is empowering real people. It presents blockchain as a people-oriented technology for a decentralized economy.

Blockchain Empowered will, for the first time, focus more on the people who have been empowered by the blockchain technology, and not only the blockchain project founders, CEOs, and project ambassadors. Yes! We want to shift the conversation away from what projects promise to what promises have been delivered, from the perspective of the user! Absolutely, at Blockchain Empowered, it’s power back to the people.

Blockchain Empowered will be hosted online via Google Meet every first Saturday of the month in collaboration with both local and foreign players in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. It will feature different hosts from time to time, reflecting the diversity of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space in Nigeria and across the world.

Through Blockchain Empowered, projects would also have a first-of-its-kind opportunity to showcase their projects, not by presenting anything to the audience but by allowing one or more of their existing users share with everyone how these blockchain-powered projects have empowered them! SiBAN reserves the right to verify these users to ensure authenticity. We want it fresh, like a reality show, not some scripted talk about any project. We want to keep it real!

How to Register for Blockchain Empowered

Blockchain Empowered comes up every first Saturday of each month. The first-ever Blockchain Empowered will be coming up Saturday 4 July 2020 at 1pm (WAT). To participate, here’s the link https://meet.google.com/hwp-wrsr-bob.

Blockchain Empowered is for builders and users.

SiBAN invites local and foreign projects, especially those with presence in Nigeria or with a Nigerian market, to be a part of Blockchain Empowered. We want you to share your stories and help take your stories to the space in a refreshing, engaging, and exciting way! Blockchain-solution users are also invited to participate as Blockchain Empowered is essentially inspired by them–the users in the space!

Open for Sponsorship

Blockchain Empowered is open for sponsorship. For sponsorship details, please contact info@siban.org.ng

Blockchain Empowered …. keeping it real

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