Membership Application

SiBAN membership registration exercise for the year 2020 was announced on 20 March for various classes of membership with a list of membership benefits.

How to Register

To register as a SiBAN member, please see the SiBAN Membership Registration Instructions below:

  1. The membership registration process is a two-step registration process: (i) application for & payment for membership, and (ii) KYC submission.
  2. For complete the first step, please go to
  3. After completing the first step above, please expect a confirmation email from SiBAN Membership Desk on the next Saturday;
  4. In the confirmation email, you will be provided with a link to complete and submit your KYC form online;
  5. After submitting your KYC form, the SiBAN Membership Desk will review it and send a confirmation email containing link to join SiBAN’s exclusive group for registered members only


  • Payment may be made in fiat or any of the following cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, Beam, Dash, EOS, and Ethereum.
  • To become a registered SiBAN member, completion of the two-step process is mandatory. Ensure that you complete the two steps.
  • Ensure that your evidence of payment is properly documented and submitted to the SiBAN Membership Desk through the membership application form.
  • Payment of membership application fee is nonrefundable and irreversible.
  • Membership application is not automatic but subject to verification and review.
  • For any assistance, complaints, or enquiry, please send a message to

Register today. Click here.

As we secure more membership payment options, we will update this page.

Special Offers

  • With the exception of payments in EOS, if you pay your membership registration fee directly to the bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum wallets published in the Google-Form supported membership application form, your payment will be 100% transaction free.
  • If you pay your membership registration fee with DASH, you will enjoy 10% discount off the registration fee. This special offer is courtesy of
  • If you pay your membership registration fee with fiat to SiBAN’s Kurepay ID through your KurePay wallet, you enjoy 20% discount off the registration fee. This special offer is courtesy of

From time to time, we will update this page with new offers and options.