Membership Benefits

Since the idea of SiBAN was first conceived in June 2018, we envisioned a blockchain association that puts the collective interest of its members at heart and helps its members grow, collaborate, and succeed in a challenging, competitive, and dynamic blockchain and cryptocurrency environment, navigating risks, boosting adoption, and attracting investments.

By being a part of SiBAN, you become a part of a vision “to transform Nigeria into the world’s safest and biggest blockchain space with the largest blockchain solutions, investments, and adoption”.

Membership Benefits 
Below are our membership benefits:

  1. Access to news, resources, and research papers on blockchain technology published by other members of the Association;
  2. Opportunity to contribute to the growth and adoption of blockchain technology in Nigeria through participation in the association’s general meetings, committee work and activities, and special projects of the Association;
  3. Platform to connect, engage, and collaborate with individual members, industry members, professional bodies, public bodies, educational & research institutions, NGOs, and the student community that comprise the membership of the association;
  4. Access to capacity-building programs of the association such as seminars and workshops;
  5. Opportunity to participate and play leading roles in projects design, development, and implementation at all levels; 
  6. Be officially identified with Africa’s biggest and largest blockchain association with a membership identity card and registration number that boosts your profile and security in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space;
  7. Depending on your class of membership, opportunity to be guest speaker or panelist at blockchain and cryptocurrency events organized by the association, organized in partnership with other organizations, or organized by partner organizations;
  8. Opportunity to access special support for your projects or programs where in line with the association’s vision, mission, and goals;
  9. Opportunity to participate in blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences or events in other parts of Africa or anywhere in the world through special invitations or sponsorships for participation in international events;
  10. Lend your voice to blockchain adoption in Nigeria by contributing to meaningful conversations on blockchain education, adoption, and regulation; and
  11. Opportunity to promote your legitimate interest through various fora, platforms, and initiatives made available in the association.

Join SiBAN Free (while the offer lasts!)

A free membership window is currently open to intending members. But this free membership does not come with benefits stated in paragraphs 6, 7, and 8 above. Very soon, we will publicly announce our paid membership plans and update this page.

To apply for free SiBAN membership, please click here to complete and submit our Free Membership Form online. We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible.