Tech giant Microsoft has added the Bitcoin symbol to Microsoft Excel. This means Microsoft Excel users will be able to include the Bitcoin symbol as a currency when recording their financial data. (See screenshot tweeted hours ago and reported on

For now, no other cryptocurrency or crypto assets have been included in Microsoft Excel apart from bitcoin.

Whether Microsoft Excel will feature bitcoin as a supported currency from now on is not clear. Microsoft has not said anything about this latest update.

But this inclusion of Bitcoin symbol aligns with the tech giant’s gradual warming to Bitcoin over the years. In 2014, Microsoft started accepting bitcoin payments for its products. Microsoft is also involved in Bakkt platform in partnership with the owner of the New York Stock Exchange, Intercontinental Exchange. Also, Microsoft built and launched Ion, a decentralised identity tool on the BTC blockchain.

Though Microsoft is yet to announce this Bitcoin move, it may further boost Bitcoin adoption especially at this time when cryptocurrencies are adding more values.

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