P2P Conference 2022 was an exciting moment in history.

P2P conference 2022 team

On Saturday 6 August 2022, SiBAN successfully held its first-ever blockchain conference, P2P Conference. For participants and the organizers, the maiden conference turned out to be an exciting moment in history. It was a memorable experience.

P2P Conference 2022 featured keynote addresses, panel discussions, fireside chats, platform presentations, awards, and other special activities. Some of the biggest names and most innovative thinkers in the blockchain industry were invited to share their knowledge and experiences with the community. The event was fully sold out! We had the hall filled to capacity with an overflow and recorded more than 500+ live stream views.

The P2P conference was led by the CyberChain co-founder, Jude Ozinegbe, the chairman of the organizing committee. 

Opening the Curtain with the Welcome Note, Opening Remarks, and Keynote Addresses

The welcome note at the P2P Conference was given by Emeka Ezike, Head of Communications, while the opening remark was given by the president of the Association, Senator Ihenyen.

Chief Olutoyin Oloniteru was the keynote speaker, and he did an excellent job of educating the audience on the conference’s theme. He spoke on ‘The Emergence of CeFi, DeFi, and TradFi: Securing the Future in the Current Divergence’.

The special guest, Mohammed Jega Ibrahim, co-founder of Domineum Blockchain Solution LTD, spoke on blockchain development and contributing factors to economic growth. It was an insightful moment as the audience listened.

During the course of the event, we had entertainment and breaks to ensure the audience was kept relaxed and to keep learning from the great line-up of speakers who spoke with great knowledge. Xploit rendered a delightfully entertaining and educative spoken word on crypto.


The Panel Sessions: Educating, Enlightening and Engaging Discussions

There were two panel sessions moderated by Chioma Onyekelu, Blockchain Investigator at A&D Forensics and Stephen Azubuike, Partner at Infusion Lawyers.

First panel session P2p conference

The first panel session was on ‘Navigating the Opportunities and Risks in CeFi and DeFi and Exploring Possible Collaboration with TradFi’. It had Abikure Tega- Team Lead, Kumo Wallet; Chuta Chimezie- Founder, BNUG & VP, BICCoN; Eric Annan- Founder & CEO, AYA, Gabriella Kusz-CEO, Global DCA; Ophi Rume- Crypto Analyst; Paul Ezeafulukwe- Ex-Chairman SiBAN & Senior Business Developer Manager (Africa Market) Bitget; and Stanley Golomo- Founder & CEO, FarmChain Finance. The discussants agreed that there is an opportunity for collaboration between DeFi, CeFi, and TradFi if innovators and regulators work together to maximize the opportunities blockchain provides while also collaborating to minimize the risks. They did justice to the topic as the discussion was very educating and engaging.

The second panel session was ‘Crypto Exchanges and VASPs as Partners to Regulators and the Government: Where Innovation Meets Regulation’. It had Chiagozie Iwu- Founder & CEO, NaijaCrypto; Franklin Peters-Founder & CEO, BoundlessPay; Prince Nwafuru- Partner, The Law Suite; Ruth Iselema-Founder & CEO, Bitmama; and Seun Dania- Founder & CEO, TradeFada. The discussants essentially concluded that crypto exchanges and VASPs are ready to partner with regulators and the government towards ensuring a safe and sound financial system since most crypto exchanges and VASPs are already compliant with AML/CFT regulations. It was a most enlightening conversation.


The Launch of the New SiBAN Ecosystem

The President of SiBAN, Senator Ihenyen, launched the New SiBAN Ecosystem. 

Comprising 7 arms cutting across blockchain education and research, charity and innovation, the New SiBAN Ecosystem is envisaged to help SiBAN more effectively pursue its vision and mission in Nigeria’s blockchain industry.

The audience were thrilled with the possibilities the future of the blockchain industry holds.


The Games and the Raffle Draws 

P2P Conference 2022 also included other exciting and entertaining events such as blockchain games by Play 2 Learn, and raffle draws by WhiteBit, a global crypto exchange, with giveaways of up to $1000 to lucky winners onsite! 


The Recognition Awards: Incentivizing and Rewarding Excellence in Nigeria’s Blockchain Industry 

The six awardees were:

  • Convexity: For establishing Nigeria’s first blockchain hub and supporting blockchain development;
  • CryptoTvPlus: For being the pioneer media agency in the Africa blockchain & crypto community;
  • Channels TV: For promoting blockchain awareness and education through its daily Business Morning program;
  • Paxful: For establishing a blockchain education centre in Abuja FCT, Nigeria; and
  • Paul Ezeafulukwe: For his selfless service to the Nigeria blockchain industry as two-time Chairman of SiBAN.
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC): For been the first Nigeria government agency to officially recognize digital assets and virtual asset service providers (VASPs) in Nigeria’s capital market.

The awards were presented by the Conference Chairman Jude Ozinegbe and the SiBAN President Senator Ihenyen.

Speakers & guest on the red carpet p2p conference

Drawing the Curtain to SiBAN’s first-ever blockchain conference

SiBAN Executive Secretary Obinna Iwunno drew the curtain to P2P Conference 2022 to a close. 

As the P2P Conference 2022 wrapped up, we saw people network and visit the exhibition areas to learn more about the brands and platforms at the stands at the Waterfront. Attendees who could not get seats in the main event hall participated in the event at the Waterfronts where more seats and a large broadcast screen were made available by the organizers. WhiteBit entertained and refreshed their booth visitors with drinks! Everyone loved it!


Special Appreciation to Sponsors, Ecosystem Partners, Corporate Members, Media Partners, and Participants 

The SiBAN Executive Council appreciates its sponsors, ecosystem partners, and corporate members. 

Special mention goes to the sponsors: WhiteBit, Bounderlesspay, AAX, Lbank, Mara, and Qlip. Thanks to your sponsorship and partnership, SiBAN recorded a resounding success at P2P Conference 2022, our maiden blockchain conference.

We also appreciate the Sibanites for all their support. Together, we will keep building the blockchain ecosystem and the digital economy.

We say thank you to all that contributed to the success of the event. 

The SiBAN P2P Conference 2022 was streamed live on YouTube. View the entire event anytime and anywhere via the link: https://youtu.be/Yw7Ehn4gO38

See you all at P2P Conference 2023!

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