Having opened up membership registration over the last 90 days, precisely 21 March 2020, SiBAN is now ready to list projects of registered corporate members of SiBAN on its website. Below we list the goals behind project listing with SiBAN and the information it will contain. Please note the ineligibility and disqualification of certain entities in the community.

Three Major Goals behind SiBAN Project Listing Initiative

By listing projects in the emerging blockchain & crypto space in Nigeria, we wish to achieve three major goals:

  1. Boost visibility for projects among the members of our local and global community,including the general public;
  2. Minimize the incident of scam projects in the space by ensuring that only projects initiated, owned, and managed by companies or businesses that have completed our corporate-membership registration at SiBAN are listed;and
  3. Boost confidence and trust in the products and services offered by the listed projects, knowing that the companies or businesses promoting such products and services are accountable to a body that cares about consumer protection and investor safety.

Specific Information the Project Listing Page Will Capture

The project-listing page will contain the following information:

  1. Brand Name and logo of the project
  2. Registered name of the company
  3. Date the project was founded
  4. Product(s) or service(s) offered
  5. Website link to the project as well as contact email
  6. Full name(s) of the founder (and co-founders) with links to their Twitter or LinkedIn pages.

To apply, please click here to complete and submit the Project Listing Application Form.

Projects that are not registered as corporate member of SiBAN are ineligible.

If you are a business or corporate entity in Nigeria’s blockchain & crypto space and would like to take advantage of the project-listing benefit above, we encourage you to register as a corporate member of SiBAN. This will enable us consider your project for listing. Apart from project listing, SiBAN has got more benefits underway for all our corporate members. So it pays to become a registered corporate member of SiBAN. Click here to view membership criteria for each membership category.

All newly registered corporate member of SiBAN  will be automatically eligible for listing.

Projects that have appeared before SiBAN Ethics, Complaints, Disciplinary Committee or a SiBAN Ad Hoc Committee over any allegation are disqualified.

If your company or business, or any of the founder(s) of such businesses, has appeared before SiBAN Ethics, Complaints, Disciplinary Committee or a SiBAN Ad Hoc Committee over allegations brought against you and your company or business has not or is yet to comply with the final decision of such Committee, your company, business, or project is disqualified from participating in the project-listing initiative above.

We have a responsibility to maintain the integrity of the projects listed by us towards safeguarding the collective interest of the community we represent.

SiBAN Secretariat

26 July 2020

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