We at SiBAN recognize that Nigeria is already struggling to compete globally under the weight of the bad image caused by corruption in our country. This, no doubt, also greatly affects adoption of both blockchain and crypto projects from the Nigerian space to the world.

Though only a small percentage of Nigerians give the entire country a bad name, the rest of us must work together to protect honest and hardworking Nigerians. Nigeria is a great country with immense potentials.

While we may not be able to fight corruption in high or low places the same way the established institutions in Nigeria have been mandated to do, we can at least as a body within our own community have zero tolerance for scammers. Scammers in Nigeria’s blockchain and cryptocurrency space are killing adoption of this emerging technology. This has reached dangerous heights as consumer protection has become a big issue in the space.

As one of the ways to stem this dangerous tide in our largely unregulated space, we at SiBAN introduce SiBAN SCAM ALERT. With SiBAN SCAM ALERT, we are decentralizing the monitoring of scam activities in the space by enabling any member of the public report scams in our space to SiBAN directly. With SiBAN SCAM ALERT, we will at least rebroadcast the scam report in our network and publish the scammer’s details in SiBAN Blacklist which will now be openly available on our website,

To report scams, simply email details of the scam to Please in your email, indicate your name, phone number, and necessary details of the scam.

Together, let’s sanitize this space.

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