We are delighted to announce that SiBAN has signed the Founding Membership Form and Code of Conduct of the Blockchain Associations Forum (BAF), the “United Nations of Blockchain”. 

With this BAF membership, SiBAN will enjoy great benefits, including:

  1. Being a driver of a global, transnational harmonization initiative led by leading blockchain associations
  2. Having a unified voice of blockchain associations and organisations from across 6 continents
  3. Having a neutral, interdisciplinary, and decentralised platform to strengthen international cooperation and to address global challenges around blockchain such as education, workforce planning, policymaking and government regulation.
  4. Fostering a learning culture by sharing intellectual resources in accordance with emerging evidence and local and regional requirements – the nations’ “collective wisdom”.
  5. Influencing, advising, and guiding the Quadruple Helix of Blockchain Innovation Ecosystems (government, industry, public services/ society and academia) in Nigeria.
  6. Networking with other associations around the globe
  7. Having a close-knit Think-Tank Network of blockchain associations and experts connecting senior decision-makers, policymakers and DLT leads.
  8. Representing Nigeria at BAF’s global summits and conferences
  9. Promoting SiBAN through our 50+ member associations, worldwide
  10. Providing a central point of contact for Nigeria’s policymakers and regulators on the global level
  11. Debating and engaging with peers, contemporaries, and BAF’s global community
  12. Uniting with world leaders in blockchain and DLT and foster lasting industry relationships
  13. Sharing, promoting, and publishing SiBAN’s updates via the BAF platform
  14. Enjoying complimentary 12-months membership of the Centre for Evidence-Based Blockchain (CEBB).

And more!

This is part of our Growth Agenda. Congrats to all members of the SiBAN community!

Blockchain Association Forum’s Inaugural Summit will take place online on 26 June 2021. The theme and agenda of the Inaugural Summit will border around the common theme that emerged during BAF’s first meeting, which borders on national blockchain adoption, road maps, and challenges for policymakers and the governments.

At the invite-only Inaugural Summit, the SiBAN President Senator Ihenyen is expected to make a presentation.

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