SiBAN outing in Q1 & Q2 2022 sets clarity on the path for Blockchain adoption in Nigeria

SiBAN is a community of believers in the emerging technology called blockchain. 

SiBAN x Blockchain Event

The SiBAN vision is simple:

To transform Nigeria into the world’s safest and biggest blockchain space with the largest blockchain solutions, investments, and adoption.

SiBAN’s vision in the region will not be realized without the cooperation of industry leaders in the blockchain sector. For the sake of proper adoption of the technology, the association participated in a number of stakeholder events in 2022 to educate people, leaders, and regulators.

Under the leadership of the president, Senator Ihenyen, SiBAN has had upwards of 7 outings in Q1 & Q2 of 2022 where several topics concerning the industry were discussed.

At the start of the year, a calendar was released of the in-house events expected to occur in 2022. This is to help the community keep tabs with the activities of the association. Use the link ( to view the calendar to get information on planned events for the year.


List of Events SiBAN has featured:

  • There was an interesting AMA which occurred with the Founder (Karla Obakpolor ) of Qlip ( provides value for creators, collectors, mainstream artists and decentralized store users. This event was held on the SiBAN telegram group with over 700 members.

more details on the event can be found on this link. 

  • The Techpoint Summit was one where the mainstream actors and emerging tech leaders met. SiBAN was part of the event, giving insights on  helping us make sense of the regulation side of things when it comes to Web3  was Senator Ihenyen. You can watch the event on youtube 
  • Business Day 2022 Conference features SiBAN as one of the industry partners. 

This was another conference to help educate society on what Blockchain technology should be as many initiatives have sold it wrongly, and this is why the leadership of SiBAN engages through channels available to lend its voice as a reliable source of information. to learn more about the conference visit this link  

  • Legal Business Conference 2022 organized by Legal Business Network in partnership with SiBAN! It was a huge success as it is important to speak and communicate with the circles of professionals and regulators who engage with the law of the land. This event was a means to properly sow a seed among the appropriate corners in the legal community to help give a good base understanding of what the technology entails. Regulations will play a very important role in ensuring that the technology gets mainstream adoption. The replay of the Legal Business Conference 2022 is on Youtube  
  • SiBAN to represent Nigeria at the BAF’s 2nd Annual Member Summit. 

We open the door of global collaboration to ensure we work with the network of communities globally to adopt best practices to continue pushing for blockchain-technology adoption. As a founding member of BAF, SiBAN is proud to participate at BAF’s 2nd Annual Member Summit which is convened by the British Blockchain Association (The BBA). Read more about this on Medium

  • Cyberchain Uyo 2022  The President of SiBAN Senator Ihenyen spoke on The Future of Blockchain – Multichain or Crosschain. The event helped reach a new set of people in the society and find ways to get reliable information about what the emerging technology blockchain holds. It was a success as the light of knowledge shined on the attendees, ensuring that they have the fundamentals they need to explore the blockchain sector.
  • BITCOIN PIZZA DAY 2022 Hangouts across cities in Africa partnered with SiBAN to bring this event to the people. Thanks to the leadership of Crypto Bootcamp for this memorable event that occurred in more than 10 cities. The Bitcoin Pizza marks the event that occurred on May 2nd, 2010 when Laszlo Hanyecz agreed to pay 10,000 Bitcoins for two delivered Papa John’s pizzas. Talk about a Bitcoin Pizza Day event was initiated after a Bitcointalk forum session. Bitcoin Pizza Day will never escape the minds of the crypto community as it is now marked every year. Read more about the event.

In Nigeria, the blockchain sector has gained more traction as days count. More people want to know what blockchain technology means for them and how they can get involved. 

We’ve seen founders create solutions to problems that affect society at these events, which is a good signal to leaders in both public and private sectors to support these  blockchain-powered solutions. With blockchain, Nigeria can create new opportunities and boost its economy as an emerging market.

The diversity of knowledge-sets at these knowledge-driven and networking events is fermenting the next wave of collaborations that will result in more economic solutions.

Another event coming up is P2P Conference which will be held in August 2022. Based on popular demand, this will be the first conference organized by SiBAN and it will be annual. For more details, see P2P Conference will be another opportunity to meet and network with great leaders and founders in the blockchain industry, while reaching Nigeria’s ever-growing market of blockchain & crypto adopters. This is an excellent event to include in your year’s activities. 

The Mission of SiBAN:  

To promote blockchain education and adoption in Nigeria; self-regulate the blockchain space for consumer protection and investor confidence in the country; and champion blockchain advocacy, regulations, and reforms towards ensuring that both private and public sectors.

We are true to this mission and focused on seeing a standard approach to the industry that will cut any chance for bad actors to take undue advantage of the community. We will keep engaging through events and any appropriate channels we find.

To become a member of SiBAN and contribute to the vision and mission, please use this link.

You can find us on:




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