Download the SiBAN Virtual Town Hall Calendar for 2021

About SiBAN Virtual Town Hall

SiBAN Virtual Town Hall is a discussion platform on blockchain technology. This platform is open to all SiBAN members and interested members of the general public.


SiBAN Virtual Town Hall will be hosted by SiBAN on Zoom. Zoom meeting link would be published on all SiBAN channels, including Linkedin, Telegram, Twitter, and WhatsApp before each program date.

Anchor and Guests

SiBAN Virtual Town Hall will have guests from in and outside SiBAN community and Nigeria’s emerging blockchain industry. It will be anchored by select individuals who have a fine understanding of the topic for the month.

Time and Dates

SiBAN Virtual Town Hall will hold monthly throughout the year 2021, starting on 16 January 2021.


Brands in and outside the SiBAN community may support the program through sponsorships. Sponsors will have their logos on program flyer, enjoy recognition on all SiBAN channels, and be entitled to have its banner projected at the virtual event. Sponsors may be entitled to anchor the program or serve as one of the guest speakers, if they meet the special requirements. SiBAN reserves the right to accept or not accept sponsorships. For sponsorships, email or send WhatsApp message to +2348149727591. (Corporate members of SiBAN will enjoy special offers.)

Calendar of Programs

SN Topic Date Time
1. Bitcoin as Digital Cash and Digital Gold in the Global Financial System: Innovation, Adoption, and Regulation Saturday 16 January 2021 4:00pm


2. Between Institutional Investors and Retail Investors in the Digital Asset Market: The Pros and the Cons Saturday 13 February 2021 4:00pm


3. Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance for Digital Assets Services: A Red Flag or White Flag to Mainstream Adoption of Crypto Assets? Saturday 13 March 2021 4:00pm


4. Digital Asset Exchanges as Gatekeepers and the Window to Financial Inclusion: Pros and Cons; Opportunities and Threats Saturday 17 April 2021 4:00pm


5. Decentralised Finance (DeFi): An Alternative to Financial Inclusion or a Rebellious Child to  Regulation? Saturday 15 May 2021 4:00pm


6. Blockchain Technology Adoption in Nigeria’s Private & Public Sectors: Real adoption, buzzwords, or lip services? Saturday 12 June 2021 4:00pm


7. Crypto Traders and Law Enforcement Agencies in Nigeria: The Legitimate Tech Entrepreneur and the “Yahoo Boy” Stigmatization Saturday 17 July 2021 4:00pm


8. Beyond Crypto Trading: How Can Nigeria leverage blockchain technology across key sectors of the economy? Saturday 14 August 2021 4:00pm


9. Blockchain & Crypto Education as a Tool for Empowering the Nigerian Youth: Getting the Word Out Saturday 18 September 2021 4:00pm


10. Nigeria at 61 and Nigerian-owned Blockchain & Crypto Projects: The Past, the Present, and the Path to the Future Saturday 16 October 2021 4:00pm


11. Blockchain & Crypto Scams in Nigeria’s Emerging Blockchain Space: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Saturday 13 November 2021 4:00pm


12. The Year 2021 in Retrospect: The Blockchain & Crypto Space, Lessons, Takeaways, and Resolutions Saturday 18 December 2021 4:00pm


Note: On unavoidable occasions, the topic, date, or time (or all three of these) may change depending on the availability of all required resources for the virtual meetings. In such rare occasions, this will be appropriately communicated by the SiBAN Secretariat before schedule. The SiBAN Secretariat therefore reserves the right to amend or update this calendar accordingly.

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