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#Cryptocurrencies have largely become the alternative choice for financial transactions amongst many millenials and upwardly mobile young professionals.

Latched with mixed conceptions, from ease of transactions, faster settlements and anonymity to uncensored and illegal use, it has become apparent for the establishments at various levels to not ignore what challenges it has come to solve or new responsibilities it has introduced.

Cryptos are rapidly reshaping the global economy and you cannot afford to ignore their gigantic moves.

From individuals to corporations, private to government institutions, everyone should endeavour to understand this new but powerful disruptor.

Join us for a very insightful discussion on “Understanding Cryptocurrencies”
The truths and myths.

Saturday 28 Nov 2020
7.09PM UTC

Massive offer:
Anyone interested in studying the MSc. In Digital Currencies and Blockchain, offered by the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, will be shortlisted for a scholarship interview.

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