Vision , Mission & Objectives

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Our Vision Statement at SiBAN

To transform Nigeria into the world’s safest and biggest blockchain space with the largest blockchain solutions, investments, and adoption.

Our Mission Statement at SiBAN

To promote blockchain education and adoption in Nigeria; self-regulate the blockchain and cryptocurrency space for consumer protection and investor Confidence in the country; and champion blockchain advocacy, regulations, and reforms towards ensuring that both private and public sectors embrace blockchain technology to transform lives, businesses, and governance in Nigeria


Advocacy, Policy and Regulations

SiBAN proactively engages with regulatory bodies, policymakers, government entities, and industry practitioners to advocate for favorable policies, regulations, and standards that encourage the adoption, growth, and ethical development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in Nigeria. Through expert advice, recommendations, and collaborative efforts, SiBAN aims to promote innovation, attract investment, and position Nigeria as the leading blockchain hub and ecosystem in Africa, while ensuring compliance with legal and ethical norms

Industry Development and Community Building:

SiBAN is dedicated to fostering the growth and vibrancy of the blockchain industry in Nigeria. The association facilitates networking opportunities, promotes partnerships, and provides support to startups and entrepreneurs, aiming to position Nigeria as the largest blockchain hub and ecosystem in Africa. Additionally, SiBAN fosters a vibrant and inclusive blockchain community by connecting enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs, and investors through networking events, hackathons, and conferences.

Education and Capacity Building:

SiBAN is committed to enhancing knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology through a range of initiatives. It organizes seminars, workshops, and training programs, collaborating with academic institutions, industry experts, and international partners to develop blockchain curricula and certification programs. By providing educational resources and promoting awareness, SiBAN empowers individuals, businesses, and institutions while emphasizing consumer and investor protection

Standards and Best Practices

SiBAN promotes the development and adherence to industry standards and best practices in blockchain technology. It establishes guidelines for security, privacy, interoperability, and governance, ensuring the ethical and responsible use of blockchain across various sectors.

Consumer and Investor Protection

SiBAN prioritizes the protection of consumers and investors by promoting ethical practices, upholding industry standards, and advocating for regulations that safeguard their interests within the blockchain ecosystem in Nigeria.

Safe Business Environment

SiBAN collaborates with policy makers, regulators, government bodies, and practitioners to create the safest environment for blockchain businesses to thrive in Nigeria, ensuring a supportive ecosystem that encourages innovation, growth, and compliance with regulations