Title: Wealth of the Blockchain: The Economy of Possibilities

Author: Rume Dominic

Publisher: PublishmyBook (https://publishmybook.ng)

ISBN: 978-978-991-056-4

Year: 2021

Forward: Farzam Kamalabadi


Image source: Rume Dominic



About the Book (Excerpt from the author’s book description)

WEALTH OF THE BLOCKCHAIN will make you understand all you need to know about blockchain and cryptocurrency from start to finish and what the future holds for this amazing technology.

This book will serve as a roadmap to starting this journey and fully aware of all you are getting. No flukes, no schemes, no lies. All that is here is pure truth.

For experts, this will serve as a compass to either slow you down as you may be heading on the wrong path or to either keep you going on the right path.

The information and sources have been carefully gathered and verified. Here you will find a combination of my wealth of knowledge base and experiences, both the highs and lows.

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